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At Artistle we want to be able to give everyone a chance to improve their skills. Last week we had the opportunity to look at the deviations that you wanted to show to the world. Our task was to pick three of the deviations that deserve to be looked at.  You may find the results of our picks below. Thank you for participating in our contest!

:iconane88zg: First place: Freedom gives you many opportunities and places to go, but it also gives you the difficulties of choosing one of these. ane88Zg has captured this in her deviation 'Feel free...'.

Feel free... by ane88Zg

Featuring deviations

Dark face by ane88Zg Duck by ane88Zg
Mountain and clouds by ane88Zg Kocur by ane88Zg

:iconkentnek: Second place: At some point you just wonder how it's done. 'Breaking free' was captured by kentnek and shows us the actual jump out of the cage, the system that catches you.

Breaking Free by kentnek

Featuring deviations

Macro 04 by kentnek Stripes by kentnek
Waiting for U by kentnek Drops 04 - Yin Yang by kentnek

:iconrhavendc: Third place: Free like a bird. 'an eaglet' by rhavendc uses this subject to perfectly create a motivational power to be free and trust in yourself. Totally fitting the theme we set for this contest, she even used Free Verse for this poem.

an eaglet FREEDOM
The beautiful morning shine
   and the sun lights the universe.
The white earth that
   lays in your nest finally hatches.
Come out and see the world,
   a place where you must live happily.
Let your eyes open
   and be amaze of your paradise.
You have the freedom!
Go and be with the sky!
Don't be afraid of your tiny wings
You posses the power that
   only you can trust.
Just let your guardians help you.
And when it comes the right time
   that you're strong enough,
Be proud that
   you'll have now the heaven.
You have the freedom!
Go and travel the earth,
Discover a gem
   and be with the sky!

Featured deviations

My Nicha by rhavendc Majesties of Wild FREEDOM
This whole earth was a surprise
Here you can see kings and queens,
   the majesties of the wild.
From a far far distance
   I saw Mr and Miss in a chance.
There I met Mr Jaguar.
You're powerful and free! I said,
You holds the time and speed
You can travel the whole wide wild!
Go beyond and don't get hide!
Run Mr Jaguar anywhere you want!
And there I met Mr Dolphin.
You're powerful and free! I said,
You're nice and clever!
Don't you know that from over the ocean
   you are the better?
Explore the whole water of the earth
   and be a king!
Swim Mr Dolphin, swim jump swim!
Then there I met Miss Falcon.
You're powerful and free! I said,
You're strong and pretty great!
Don't be afraid to fly high, have faith!
Sore the heaven and touch the sky!
You're free Miss Falcon, fly high!

I Remember When by rhavendc :thumb260127327:
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